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Interview Kagome P

I enjoy "fake" more than "real" so I compose songs using Vocaloid

Kagome P's various activities include producing not only music but also movies, but, moreover, he became involved in development of Vocaloid software. Although he was gentle with his small stature, he revealed his passion when he had a panel at Anime Expo and expressed a dissenting view on the crackdown on the club culture in Japan there. This question list is from fans on Hatsune Miku facebook page. Thank you and enjoy!

Where does your songwriting idea come from?

Twenty-four seven, every single music in town or on TV gives me some inspirations. When I explore a new idea, I search for French hit tunes which are not on sale in Japan using YouTube (If they are available on iTunes Store, I purchase them). Also, I was considerably inspired by music on TV or radio in the States where I visited this time.

How do you explain Vocaloid music to people who think that it is "fake ( = not real)"

I say "you're right" and laugh. *laugh* Even so, I enjoy "fake" more than "real" so I compose songs using Vocaloid.

Would you write English songs when English version of Vocaloid software is released?

I have made so many English songs using Japanese database already, so the question sounds a bit strange. Or, don't my English songs sound like English? *laugh*

Seriously speaking, I like writing English songs, especially with rap, so I will continue making such songs using Japanese database.

But basically, I write melodies of songs in Japanese with consideration for the flows of Japanese intonation, so I don't think of translating my songs which are released as Japanese songs into English at present.

Finally, I've got to say that probably I would buy English Rin if it is released. *laugh*

How was your experience in making Yuzuki Yukari, Vocaloid & Voiceroid, as a member of VOCALOMAKETS?

I'd been dreaming of being "a Vocaloid developer" since I started making music by Vocaloid so it was a dreamlike time.

Especially, I cannot forget the impression when I heard its first voice after prototype of Vocaloid came along. It was one of the quite touching moments I've had in my life.

Please tell us the reason why you thought that you would sing using Kaai Yuki. Also what's the background of "Innocent Girl"?

I like UK club music bands with relaxed vocalists such as Massive Attack and when I heard the demo song before its release, I strongly felt, "the voice will fit the music I want to play!".

Then, as I explore the method of using Yuki's voice, the apathetic voice started sounding like "the voice which looks down on adults" Yuki's voice is not that of children in adults' imagination (so called "anime voice") but of real "9-year-old".

Then I interpreted Yuki as meaning that "'With cold eye, the 9-year-old' watches 'adults' who regards her only as a 'child'". As soon as I did it, great amount of inspirations came to me. "Innocent Girl" is one of the pieces born out of such inspirations.


GO on kagomeP,,dont look behind anymore
sure you will

Feb 16th, 2013 by XxDeath Scythexx


Nov 1st, 2012 by Uriel Colula

Personally, I don't consider Vocaloid songs as "fake" since our perception of "what is fake" and "what is real" can be different on certain level. I"m trying too hard to be deep though :D

Jul 23rd, 2012 by Nay Aung Latt

Some of the 'fake' songs seem more authentic than some of the real songs out here.

Jul 22nd, 2012 by Ron Crone

Nice to meet you Kagome.I don't know that you like "fake" movies than real

Jul 21st, 2012 by Sargent Hafiz Hamdan

Nice to hear from Kagome. And interesting to see that he's obviously now committed to Rin, it's a bit sad for Yuki since he was one of the few prominent P to use this voicebank, but I must admit that his work with Rin is absolutely amazing, I own his last album - Close*2 - and would recommend it to anyone to purchase.
My favorite song is HiFi Girl HD 有難う御座いますカゴメさん

Jul 19th, 2012 by Samuel

I think that the Japanese lawmakers have not carefully considered the ramifications of their attempts to implement new laws regarding copyright and other issues related to freedom of expression. For example, the entire doujin market in Japan involves a complex network of interrelated businesses and efforts to restrict the creative artists will have negative impacts on many businesses that evolved to support doujin creativity. That's not a positive outcome for the economy, but I don't think this outcome has been considered.

Jul 18th, 2012 by Dave Endresak

I love this new content.

Jul 17th, 2012 by Iie Nandemonai
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